Meet Loop - Canadian banking built for growing businesses

Lending Loop has created Loop, a banking platform designed for Canadian businesses. Get a no-fx business credit card, open a free US bank account, access market-leading FX rates and more. All in one platform, and for free.

What makes us different

We do the right thing

We’re driven to do the right thing. This means we put our clients first, ensuring they not only receive the best customer experience but also the most ethical one. This means we may lose some clients along the way - but we will all be better off because of it.


We help entrepreneurs and lenders make the best and most informed decisions by clearly showing them our data and the ups and downs of our offering. We pride ourselves in being advisors and providing answers to the difficult questions.


We strive to help create economic opportunities for small business owners across Canada, while providing a fixed income security to investors. But above all the day-to-day we do our best to maintain a positive and friendly demeanour in everything we do.

Lent to Canadian small businesses

All loans on Lending Loop are funded through our community of investors. Investing in small business loans gives you access to stable monthly cashflow and diversification beyond stocks and bonds.