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Diversify your portfolio, earn monthly fixed-income, and help small businesses across Canada grow.

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How it works

We believe in a more open and transparent financial services ecosystem where the ability to lend to businesses is not restricted to only banks and large financial institutions. That’s why we built a platform to allow Canadian individuals to invest alongside corporations, institutions and banks. Lending Loop's goal is to connect established Canadian businesses looking for financing with people and corporations looking to invest.

As an investor, you can access investment opportunities that allow you to fund Canadian businesses giving you the ability to potentially earn more attractive, fixed-income returns that pay you back on a monthly basis, while diversifying your portfolio and best of all, supporting Canadian businesses.


Investors can add funds to their Lending Loop account and then access opportunities to fund small businesses. Investing provides access to a portfolio of hundreds of business that use this capital to grow their businesses.

Lending Loop

We build relationships with businesses and approve only creditworthy applicants. Loop also manages the customer relationship, including servicing the loans and distributing payments to investors.


Businesses use the funds to continue growing and make fixed monthly payments of principal and interest back to their Lending Loop investors.

Pre-built Balanced Portfolios

Automate your investment strategy by investing in a private credit portfolio.

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Estimated Annual Return
Diversify your portfolio

Small businesses as an asset class has historically been inaccessible to everyday Canadians. With Lending Loop, for the first time ever, all Canadians can access the benefits of a new and exciting investment that is uncorrelated to things like stocks and real estate.

Improve your returns

By removing the overhead costs and complexity of the big banks, we’re able to pass those savings – and more attractive returns – to you. Lending Loop makes it easy for you and small businesses to prosper.

Help your community succeed

Small-Medium sized businesses across Canada employ over 90% of working Canadians. Lending to these businesses isn’t just an opportunity to earn a good return, it also helps them with the financing they need to grow their business, which in turn helps the whole economy.

Let us do the hard work for you

Not sure how you can start investing in businesses? Let us do the work for you with pre-built credit portfolios. Our credit evaluation team reviews the details of every business that wants to be listed on our platform, to make sure it’s a good fit for you.

Our data is public.

We believe that our performance should be as accessible to our investors as our lending.

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